Why choose Fertty?

For us at Fertty each patient is unique. Regardless of your place of origin, the personalization of Assisted Reproduction treatments is for us a fundamental element to achieve success and that you can fulfill your dream of starting a family. We have one main objective: to achieve the expected “positive” of all our patients in the shortest time and always with the best possible care, from the understanding and delicacy of understanding that a patient who resorts to an assisted reproduction clinic may feel fear and doubts .

A unique medical team will accompany you in your own language throughout the entire treatment


Throughout these years, we have grown up with happy mothers and fathers who trust our team. Each treatment has a unique medical team, made up of gynecologists with extensive experience and recognized prestige in the field of Reproductive Medicine, nurses and specialists in patient care, who will accompany you throughout the treatment. During your stay in our clinic you will be accompanied by a medical assistant, who will answer all your questions and concerns and will explain step by step everything that will happen at all times and will be there for you as long as you need it throughout the process. In addition, all contact with the members of our medical team will be in your own language.

Technology at the forefront


Fertty has the latest technology applied to Assisted Reproduction. In our In Vitro Fertilization laboratories they have the latest advances to optimize the results of the treatments, and in them we guarantee excellence. In addition, our laboratory is divided into 3 totally different areas (In Vitro Fertilization, Andrology and Cryopreservation) so that our embryologists and laboratory personnel can carry out their work completely independently in exclusive work areas.

The safety of our patients is the most important


Fertty has all the security measures and protocols in place so that your visit to the clinic is as safe as possible and can develop normally. We apply and reinforce both health and social distancing measures so that you only have to worry about what really matters: your consultation with our specialists.

Barcelona: international access point


You will find us in Barcelona, a unique, cosmopolitan and avant-garde city, in one of the most central areas, very close to such emblematic places as Paseo de Gracia or the Arc de Triomphe. And if necessary, we will help you at all times to manage your stay so that you feel at Fertty at home from the first moment. We have to confess that we like to think that we have a different way of understanding motherhood and fertility: positive motherhood. Because we do not understand our work in any other way, and why we are convinced that, if our patients do not throw in the towel, together, we will achieve that wonderful moment together: “the positive”.

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