The first link in fertility treatments, both for single women and couples who wish to get pregnant. Here we tell you more about artificial insemination.


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What does artificial insemination offer?


The possibility of increasing the number of motile sperm reaching the fallopian tubes and thus increasing the chances of pregnancy.


Pregnancy rates are approximately 15-20% per cycle.


Insemination is performed in the clinic, there is no need for sedation, it is painless and it is similar to a cytology test.

Who is it for?

Couples with infertility of unknown origin

Women or couples requiring a sperm bank

Same-sex female couples

Mild male factor

Ovulation disturbances


It can be performed in the natural cycle or with medication for the stimulation of ovulation to increase the number of eggs produced in that cycleand thus increase the chances of pregnancy.

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    In the stimulation phase a subcutaneous hormone medication is administered so that more eggs are produced. It starts on the 2nd or 3rd day of your period and lasts between 7 and 9 days. During this phase of treatment between 3 and 4 serial ultrasound scans will be conducted to ensure that the growth and evolution of the follicles are within range. When the follicles have reached the right size a medication (HCG) will be given to trigger ovulation and the insemination will be performed 34 to 36 hours later.

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    On the day of insemination, a sperm sample will be given and processed in the laboratory by means of swim up capacitation techniques which allows the elimination of dead, immotile or slow spermatozoa and optimises the quality of the sample to be used for insemination.
    If a sperm bank is needed, the most suitable donor is selected for each case before the start of treatment and the sample is prepared for use in the same way.

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    The patient rests a few minutes in the consultation room before getting dressed and is then given the date for the pregnancy test. The medication to be taken from that moment onwards will also be prescribed. During these days we recommended leading a normal life, avoiding sports or any high intensity activity.

Insemination is performed in the clinic, there is no need for sedation, it is painless and it is similar to a cytology test.


  • Cycle programming
  • Personalised follow-up of the entire medical process Serial ultrasound checks
  • Capacitation and preparation of the Seminal Sample Intrauterine
  • Insemination
  • First pregnancy ultrasound


  • Follow-up visit
  • SARS COVID 19 antigen test
  • Medication for ovarian stimulation β-hCG pregnancy test
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