At Fertty, 8 out of 10 egg recipients achieve pregnancy on the first attempt.


Our success rates, together with the personalisation of our treatments, y the experience of our medical team and the high standards of our assisted reproduction laboratory, are the best guarantee to help you achieve your dream of becoming a mother.

The chances of getting pregnant decrease with age, and this significantly affects the success of the treatments. Here at Fertty, we can affirm that we get 70.9% pregnant in the first attempt in the younger age range of patients who trust us. These rates are very high due to the personalisation we carry out, not only in the procedure of the laboratory, but also in the experience that each person needs within the treatment.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis allows us to detect genetic problems in embryos and thus choose only the most suitable ones, reducing the risk of miscarriage. In the case of Fertty, this technique allows us to choose whiche embryo to transfer and, thanks to this, achieve very satisfactory rates in this type of treatment.

Assisted Reproduction treatments increase their success depending on the number of attempts. At Fertty, when using donated eggs, our success rate is 81% in the first attempt. That is why 8 out of 10 patients who trust us achieve pregnancy in the first attempt.



Fertty is an assisted reproduction clinic conceived and designed by and for you.


In addition, our success rates allow us to achieve pregnancy in 80% of patients on the first attempt.


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Why Fertty


Our method is based on three aspects: personalisation, professionalism and innovation.


In our method each case is unique and we work to offer a personalised solution to each situation. Accordingly, we have the latest advances in reproduction and a team of professionals with extensive experience and a very clear goal: to achieve “positive” results with as few treatments as possible.

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Our medical team boasts many years’ experience, coupled with the latest technology in reproductive medicine, making it possible to achieve the best results.

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So that you can get to know us and our way of understanding motherhood in a positive way, without any commitment or cost to you.

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