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The Motherhood…

Postponing Motherhood


Nowadays, Motherhood is a consensual decision desired by an increasingly prepared couple, as they look for the most suitable time to become parents. Our studies, work, economic stability and many other social factors influence our decision to delay the decision to start a family. This decision allows the newborn to arrive in an environment of optimal economic and psychological stability for their growth. In developing countries or in groups with lower socio-cultural levels, people have children at younger ages, which sometimes translates into fewer opportunities for their well-being. In more developed countries, on the other hand, the decision to become parents is becoming more delayed each year.

Couples are increasingly making the decision to become parents later in life, because they are looking for the moment of greater economic and psychological stability to start a family.
Today’s women choose to be mothers when they can combine it with their profession and share it with their partner.
At mature ages the process of spontaneous conception is more difficult, but at Fertty we will help you fulfill your desire to be parents.

The decision to have children is often postponed by the socio-cultural level and professional development of the couple. Several studies reveal that the age of childbearing is closely related to the mother’s level of education: the higher the level of education, the higher the age at which the first baby is born.


Many women today are professionals who have put a great deal of time into their academic training and who fear that their careers will be jeopardised by an early pregnancy. That is why they decide to choose the most suitable time for Motherhood, when they can combine their profession with childcare and share it with their partner. At Fertty we are only too aware of this reality, your fears and worries, and we want to be by your side to help you to form a family.


In today’s society, growing numbers of families are moving away from the traditional marriage model. Sometimes one or both partners have children from a previous relationship, but have decided to join together to form a new family project. In others, the couples are homosexual, and there are growing numbers of single mothers.

The process of
Motherhood at Fertty


Fertty is not just a clinic that performs assisted reproduction techniques. At Fertty we give you comprehensive advice on the road to Motherhood so that it is both safe and successful. Our wish is for yours to come true, and we want to accompany you along the way, to ensure that both mother and baby arrive home healthy and happy.

If this is your case, we recommend
the following treatment:

Entering a new era


Family models are changing, and one of the current family models is the homosexual couple. Thanks to Assisted Reproduction techniques, lesbian couples can fulfil their project of becoming mothers.

At Fertty we help you to build your family by offering the most suitable treatments according to your preferences and specifics.
The most common treatments are artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation.
The ROPA method allows shared Motherhood.
Most common treatments

The most common treatments for female couples are:

ROPA Method

In addition, following the standardisation of same-sex marriage in Spain, there is the option of the ROPA method (Reception of Oocyctes from PArtner) which allows “shared Motherhood”. In this case, an In Vitro Fertilisation cycle is performed in which one of the members of the couple undergoes ovarian stimulation. The eggs obtained are fertilised with the sperm of a donor, and finally the embryos are transferred to the uterus of the other woman to carry the pregnancy to term.

More and more single mothers


The decision to become a mother is a personal one and it need not be framed within a couple. On the other hand, women entering the job market delays Motherhood and makes it more difficult to find a stable partner before a woman reaches the end of her fertile age. The latest figures from the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) reveal that 1 in 5 assisted reproduction treatments are performed by single women. Our society is changing and so are family models. This is now possible thanks to sperm banks and assisted reproduction techniques.



An exciting project


Any woman taking the decision to be a single mother by choice is going to take on a wonderful life project, yet at the same time full of concerns and doubts. Motherhood can bring changes both from an emotional and economic point of view, as well as in terms of work-life balance, etc.

Growing numbers of women are deciding to fulfil their desire to be single mothers.
We at Fertty work every day so that the mother-to-be feels secure, guided and accompanied throughout the entire process.
Single Motherhood
with Fertty


Our medical and nursing team, boasting extensive experience in fertility treatments, works hand-in-hand with the woman who decides to become a mother. In addition, we have a specialised fertility psychology unit to help in the emotional management of this process.


Most women who visit us with the desire to be single mothers don’t have any fertility problem, so following a clinical and analytical assessment the appropriate treatment will be advised according to the characteristics of each case.


We have grown alongside happy
and fathers who

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