Why choose Spain for an Assisted Reproduction treatment?

Spain is, together with the United States, the cradle of Reproductive Medicine. And did you know that it is the European country in which the greatest number of Assisted Reproduction treatments are performed?

The quality of the medical services offered, as well as the constant advances that are being made in research to improve treatments, make success rates and effectiveness a guarantee of success and a factor to take into account when a patient decides to take the decision to travel outside your country to start treatment.

Legislation more flexible than other European countries


According to current legislation on Assisted Reproduction, in Spain, for example, there are no legal restrictions in the case of women who consider becoming a mother without a partner or in cases in which the couple is made up of two women and they wish to start a treatment so that one of the two becomes pregnant.

In addition, unlike what happens in most European countries, in Spain the gamete donation law dictates that both semen donors and egg donors must be anonymous, which increases the availability in cryobanks of gametes and therefore there is no waiting time to start a treatment with donation.

International connections


You will find us in Barcelona, ​​a unique, cosmopolitan and avant-garde city, in one of the most central areas, very close to such emblematic places as Paseo de Gracia or the Arc de Triomphe.

Barcelona has daily air connections with the main European cities. El Prat International Airport connects European capitals with Barcelona with several daily flights. In addition, it is close to the city and with multiple transport possibilities to the center.

If necessary, from Fertty we will help you manage your trip so that you only have to worry about your visit to the clinic, where you will have fully personalized attention.

At Fertty we want you to only worry about what is really important: your visit to the clinic to achieve your dreams together.

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