Dra. Sofia Gaggiotti Marre

Gynaecologist specialised in assisted reproduction. Doctorate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

“Reproductive medicine is a medical area that in addition to having a very complex and stimulating medical, scientific and physiopathological component, carries an emotional charge and a very important psychosocial component for the people who require our help. For me, the former is as important as the latter. “

I graduated in Medicine from the Universitat de Barcelona (Hospital Clínic de Barcelona) and did my MIR speciality in gynaecology and obstetrics at the Hospital Universitario Dexeus during the years 2016-2020. 


During my residency I carried out a training stay in Coventry (United Kingdom), studying implantation failure in patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatments. In 2020 I completed a training stay in Berkeley, California (USA) supervised by Dr Chetkowski, director of the Alta Bates Assisted Reproduction Clinic. 


I have published several papers in high impact and popular science journals, most of them on the impact of serum progesterone in assisted reproduction treatments that require cryopreserved embryo transfer. 


I obtained my PhD in 2021, defending the thesis entitled ‘Impact of serum progesterone on reproductive outcomes in frozen embryo transfer cycles’, obtaining the qualification of Cum Laude. 


I am also a member of ESHRE and SEF, being coordinator of the young interest group of the latter.

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