Lisseth Pinilla

Estudios: University Nurse, University of Viña del Mar Chile. Specialisation: Nurse specialist in pre-hospital care, studying Master in pre-hospital care and urgent hospital care. Work at Fertty: Nurse.

“I am excited to participate in the operation room and to see in the eyes of the patients the hope of being able to bring a human being into the world. For them it is a dream and it makes me happy to help them in this process.”

Lisseth Pinilla studied nursing at the University of Viña del Mar, Chile, where she excelled in the pre-hospital area being the first in her generation to start working in rescue, she took specializations in the area which led her to work both in the public and private area; with 8 years of experience she decided to study a Master in pre-hospital care and emergencies at the University of Barcelona which she is currently studying. She is currently being trained at Clinica Fertty in assisted reproduction, where she works in the afternoon, where she interacts with both patients and donors.

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