Spain, at the forefront of Assisted Reproduction


Spain is, together with the United States, the cradle of Reproductive Medicine. It is also the European country with the highest number of Assisted Reproduction treatments.


The quality of the medical services on offer, as well as the sustained advances made in research to perfect the treatments make the success rates and effectiveness a guarantee of success and a factor to be taken into account when a patient decides to travel abroad to start treatment.

More flexible legislation than other European countries


According to prevailing legislation on Assisted Reproduction, in Spain there are no legal restrictions, for example, in the case of single women who are considering becoming a mother or in cases where the couple is formed by two women and they wish to start a treatment for one of the two to become pregnant.


Moreover, unlike what happens in most European countries, in Spain the gamete donation act sets out that both sperm donors and egg donors must be anonymous, which increases the availability in gamete cryobanks and therefore there is no waiting time to start treatment with a donation.

International Connections:


Spain has daily air connections with the main European cities.


El Prat International Airport has several daily flights connecting the European capitals with Barcelona. In addition, it is close to the city and offers a variety of transport to the centre of Barcelona.


If necessary, we at Fertty will help you to manage your trip so that you only have to worry about your visit to the clinic.

At Fertty we want you to worry only about what is really important: your visit to the clinic so that we can achieve your dreams together.

At Fertty we believe that each patient is unique. Regardless of where you come from, for us the personalisation of Assisted Reproduction treatments is a fundamental element to achieving success and to enable you to fulfill your dream of starting a family.


Fertty was launched in Barcelona with a single goal: to achieve the longed-for “positive” of all our patients as expeditiously as possible and always with the best possible care, based on the comprehension and delicacy of understanding that a patient who resorts to an assisted reproduction clinic may feel fear and doubts.



A unique medical team will accompany you in your own language throughout your treatment


Throughout these years, we have grown alongside happy mothers and fathers who trust our team. Each treatment has a unique medical team, comprising gynaecologists with extensive experience and recognised prestige in the field of Reproductive Medicine, nurses and specialists in patient care, who will accompany you throughout the treatment.


At all times you will have direct contact with members of the medical team in your own language to answer any questions that may arise during treatment.



Leading-edge technology


Fertty has the latest technology applied to Assisted Reproduction.


Our In Vitro Fertilisation labs have the latest advances to optimise the results of the treatments, meaning you can achieve your goal as soon as possible.


In addition, our lab is divided into three totally different areas (In Vitro Fertilisation, Andrology and Cryopreservation) so that our embryologists and laboratory staff can carry out their work completely independently in exclusive work areas.



The safety of our patients is the most important thing


Fertty has all the security measures and protocols in place to ensure that your visit to the clinic is as safe as possible and can take place as smoothly as possible.


We apply and reinforce both health and social distancing measures so that you only have to worry about what really matters: your consultation with our specialists.



Barcelona: international access point


Barcelona’s international airport connects thousands of flights daily from most European destinations.


If necessary, we will help you at all times to manage your stay at Fertty so that you feel at home from the outset.

We must confess that we like to think that we have a different way of understanding motherhood and fertility: positive motherhood. Because we’re unable to understand our work in any other way, and because we’re convinced that, if our patients do not throw in the towel, together, we will achieve together that wonderful moment: “the positive pregnancy test”.

We have grown alongside happy
and fathers who

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